Anti Corruption

The Company consistently and strictly upholds the policy of white business in its law, morals and ethics. The Company has also made its commitment against corruption

By joining the Thailand's Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption or “CAC.” Moreover, it is determined, as the main policy of the Company, that everyone in the Company shall refrain from asking for or accepting any corrupted benefits from the business partners, as indicated in the Business Code of Conduct.


The Company has provided a channel for all stakeholders including employees to contact/complain/report clues about rights violations, offense incidents of fraud or suspected fraud, or matters that may directly cause damage to the Company via mail or the Company's website. Informants will be protected in accordance with the measures of the Company.

In the past year, the Company has not received any complaints or whistleblowers regarding fraud or violations of the Company's policies and practices

Whistleblowing Form