Vision, Mission and Goals


A leader in innovation of healthcare and beauty products based on Thai researchers’ studies and developments of “Thai natural extracts” to promote the life quality of Thais and people worldwide


Producing the best health supplements and beauty products with the latest technology of the 21st century
Promoting Thai researchers’ research on natural extracts
Meeting customers’ expectations of health and beauty products
Expanding a variety of modern distribution channels
Promoting life quality of Thais and the world’s people
Promoting Thai products to international customers
Building the sustainable industry
Operating with work ethics that prioritise stockholders, employees and society under the policy of white business
Promoting creativity to build a good image of the organisation, stockholders, involved parties and society
Building local and international business partnership
Building customers and partners’ trust
Maintaining social responsibility in business operations

Business Goals

Only The Best, Second to None.

Research, develop and sell health care products from natural extracts such as mangosteen, centella asiatica, black sesame, guava fruit, and isolated soy protein to have the ability to balance the immune system in the body. It is a new dimension of healthcare.
Research, develop and sell beauty cosmetic products from natural extracts.
Commit to work towards the better of the society, enhance the quality of life of Thai and global citizens.
Run business with a White Ocean policy.