Environmental Action for Corporate Sustainability are divided into the following main activities:

Implementation of the Environmental Law
Energy Management and Climate Change
Water Management
Waste Management

Implementation of the Environmental Law

The company focuses on environmental stewardship for sustainable growth along with business, thus establishing guidelines for business activities along the value chain to be carried out with minimal impact on the environment and climate change, as well as to promote continually conserving natural resources, adhering to compliance with laws, local regulations, and measures related to the environment, including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), recognizing that promoting environmental quality and maintaining ecological balance is a shared mission of all sectors, also a means of building trust among stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, employees, business partners, and local communities.

Environmental Management and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

In environmental management, the Company gives an importance to its energy usage by protecting and managing its environmental quality with mitigating the environmental impact of the business by improving, modifying and developing the process to become a truly environmental organization. Conclusions of action are as follows: