GoldShape Garcinia HCA Powder

  • Accelerates the conversion of fat into energy
  • Quickly eliminates undesirable fat
  • Proven to be safe and effective
  • Highest (HCA >70%)
  • 100% soluble in water



  • Dissolve 2 sachets in a cup of cold/hot water
  • Drink 2-3 times a day before meals or exercise



  • 1 box contains 14 sachets


“"GoldShape Garcinia HCA Powder stimulates the burning of excess fat, inhibits new fat formation and stimulates collagen synthesis.” Prof. Dr. Pichaet Wiriyachitra”

Prof. Dr. Pichaet Wiriyachitra Ph.D., F.R.A.C.I.


GoldShape Garcinia HCA Powder contains active ingredients that stimulate the burning of excess fat and accelerates the conversion of excess fat into energy, resulting in rapid slimming of body figure. Inhibits new fat formation and the synthesis of fat, including cholesterol and triglycerides. It reduces the food intake by generating a long lasting satiety.Provides extra energy and fresh feeling by increasing the glycogen production. Stimulates collagen synthesis. Safe, without undesirable effect and no yo-yo result after the discontinuation of its use. In order to improve the ambiguous effect of Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) in firming the body, HCA is extracted using a proprietary technique and mixed with a formula containing 70% HCA in the form of water-soluble calcium salt. This formulation (patented in Thailand as Super Hi-Sol) is packed in sachets, each containing 1.65g (equivalent to 1.15g of HCA).

According to Prof. Dr. Pichaet Wiriyachitra, the head of the research team, “This is the third test and like the first two, it has the same positive outcome.” The product is also guaranteed safe for human consumption by the US Food and Drug Administration allowing its import for trade in America.


Super Hi-Sol (GoldShape)
(High HCA-Soluble in water)


An effective natural dietary

supplement for use in reducing body

fat and body shape firming.


Super Hi-SolTM (GoldShape) contains the following ingredients:

  • Hydroxycitric acid >= 70%
  • Calcium 14%
  • Other organic acids 10%



Koson Saisanit
I am a business owner in the field of electrical engineering, a business adviser and a private tutor for business management college students. With my profession, I need to be well groomed, thus, I am very strict with my health. I am 192cm. tall weighing 82kg and was once considered physically fit. One day, I felt bloated and saw that I had gained too much weight. I felt uncomfortable and couldn’t wear clothes that I used to wear, nor buy clothing of the same size as before. I longed to wear skinny jeans but it didn’t suit me. I was embarrassed that excess stomach fats were sticking out while I talked in front of people. I thought of ways to resolve my problem. I was part of an association for researchers and scientists and during one event I attended, I got the chance to speak with Dr. Pichaet. I thought he was joking when he told me about his slimming products, but when he said, “I am a scientist and I am serious”, I asked for a sample to do further study and experiment on. I discovered the following: 1) the product was produced based on extensive research, 2) it is being used locally and internationally 3) the product is made of natural active ingredients, and, 4) the product stimulates the burning of excess fats. Just like women, men like us also want to look good especially that today’s generation is into microsexual. This is the reason why we invest time and money in the gym to get that perfect body and be physically fit. Achieving this will boost our confidence more. I don’t think men should be ashamed of using slimming products because products such as these. Ever since I used this product, I felt that I belonged to a fitness club and my lifestyle as a whole improved a lot, too. I am proud of what I look like now and I want everybody to feel the same while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Prof. Airin Udomchokwijitr
I am more than 50 years old weighing 69kg and standing 160cm. I’ve been taking GoldShape products for already a month. Back then, I was very thin but my metabolism started to slow down as I got older. It came to a point that my friends couldn’t recognize me anymore because of how fat I had become. I already knew about BIM because I had tumor before which got healed because of Garcinia Extra. There would be times that I felt uncomfortable as I was having a hard time fitting my old clothes, so I had to buy for new clothes again. That was my turning point for me to lose weight.



Nathaporn Haewdee
I am a health-conscious person. I love to search and try things that will help me to have a perfect figure and to gain more confidence in whatever I wear. All the products I tried were based on what I found on the Internet. There were a lot of slimming products that I had tried with various ingredients such as seaweed, mint extracts and I made sure that they were safe and registered. Unfortunately, the products I tried didn’t resolve my problem. The heaviest I’ve been is 65kg and the people around me told that I was not that fat and my weight was just normal. However, I felt uncomfortable and I hated the feeling because I could no longer wear clothes that I used to wear. I also thought of spending much money on clothes more than what other people do because clothes in large sizes would probably be more expensive and would hardly be available in the market. I actually tried to lose weight naturally by skipping dinner every night but then I couldn’t help myself waking up hungry almost every midnight to grab something to eat from the refrigerator. And so, I searched through the net again for something that could help me out with this but it gave me the same answers as before. They would even put me on their waiting list before I could get my order, and I couldn’t wait anymore. I envied the girls with long and slim legs and also those with perfect figure as they could buy and wear whatever they wanted. I was convinced and impressed with GoldShape from Operation BIM by Dr. Pichaet which is really effective and popular. I believe that it will be effective and safe because the product is a result of a thorough research by Dr. Pichaet. I was advised to take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in lunchtime and 2 sachets at night since I wanted a faster result. The result was surprising for I already lost a lot of weight after one month of use. Sometimes even increased the dosage to 3 capsules with no side effects at all. I then felt the changes. I felt lighter than before especially on my upper legs and I could already wear the clothes that didn’t use to fit in. People around me noticed that I lost weight in such a short period. Back then, I easily got tired, felt unproductive and felt exhausted but when I tried the product, I felt the other way around. I also observed that I was able to lessen my food intake because of GoldShape. Goldshape is incomparable and I would like to recommend this to all health conscious out there. I can assure you that GoldShape is safe because the main goal of the people behind this product is for the safety of the users.


Yupin Santhong
I am a beauty specialist and my problem was that my weight increased to 80 kilograms after I gave birth. I tried popular brands of slimming products but nothing worked. Even when I toned down on my food intake, I still continued to gain weight. Everything I wore seemed to look bad on me even with just a T-shirt. When I was younger, I had a slender figure but as I got older, I developed belly fat. My belly looked even bigger than my breasts. Since Operation BIM supplements worked to solve my peptic ulcer in the past, I decided to try the same company’s firming and shaping products. A friend also recommended GoldShape, so I took the advice. I was so delighted with the result – my waistline trimmed down to 28-29 cm. I was very happy that I could wear whatever I wanted to wear once more. For those who wanted to lose weight, age is definitely not a hindrance for one to achieve his or her ideal body size.


Nutnichapon Kaewborisut

As I got older, I gained so much weight that I reached 74 kgs. It was probably due to lack of physical abilities that I gained weight especially in the hips and belly area. I honestly didn’t believe in slimming products until my sister, a doctor, suggested GoldShape products to me. I decided to try the product of Prof. Dr. Pichaet because I trusted and believed him. At first, I experienced some changes but I still had a doubt because I might gain weight again just like what other supplements do. But this product is different. It helped my body stimulate the burning of excess fats which made me physically fit although I know that taking food supplements wouldn’t be effective without self-discipline. After I tried GoldShape, I noticed improvement on my skin and in my general health. I had my general checkup and the results were all good. Now, I’m confident to go out to socialize. I would like to congratulate Prof. Dr. Pichaet for his amazing work and because of this, Thailand has been recognized. It is really safe and effective and I trust no other supplement in the market other than GoldShape.


Nippaporn Promphongsri

I’m a freelance real estate and stock exchange investor. I gained weight and fats developed in my belly and hips. I felt uncomfortably bloated and had a hard time buying clothes because my body wasn’t proportional. I never even thought I would wear size 40 when I went to Zara. I felt that having 40” waistline was a nightmare so I decided to wear long dresses and stopped buying short dresses, shorts and skirts.

While helping out Prof. Dr. Pichaet with the online marketing, I got the chance of knowing the product in its full context. I learned that GoldShape contains extracts from natural active ingredients. I also learned how careful the processing was. I had not tried any slimming capsules and was hesitant to use this product because I had already been spending time doing exercises and had lessened my food intake too. I started participating in some seminars and got interested with the product. The results from the sample products they gave out during the seminar surprised me. I lost 4 kilograms in less than a month and another 2 kilograms after. I took 2 sachets of powdered juice every before meal. I also took collagen to rejuvenate my skin. My life was back to normal and I didn’t feel any pressure at all. I’m encouraging everyone of all ages to try this product and see the result for yourself.


Nathawan Kaenjan

I was obese and I had a shape like that of an ant. My waistline remained between 22’’ to 24’’ with excess fats in my belly and hips. When I shopped for clothes, my protruding belly and hip made it impossible for me to wear them. This made me feel insecure.

Food supplements were advertised through the media but I was afraid to take them because of some negative feedback like the “yo-yo” effect and talks about effects in the internal organs. I did a research on Operation BIM and attended a seminar by Prof. Dr. Pichaet. I discovered that GoldShape contains active ingredients from natural extracts. I took 2 sachets of the powder in the morning and at night. I was very happy and satisfied with the results. I noticed my clothes loosened. I’ve been taking GoldShape for a month now and it’s really effective. It helped me a lot in losing the unwanted fats. Also, with exercise and self-discipline, my life is so much better.