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Balancing Immunity


The importance of Th Balance Juice represents a different mode of action for controlling Cancer cells. One sachet each day for 15 days significantly increases T-regulatory (T-reg) cells which are beneficial for minimizing auto-immune symptoms in Cancer sufferers by suppressing Th1, Th2 and Th17 cells. Also has other modes of action:

  • GM-1, the most active xanthone in Garcinia Mangostana that kills cancer cells.
  • Better Skin Complexion – Anti-oxidant, collagen synthesis
  • Remedy for allergy and autoimmune symptoms. (Arthritis, Eczema, SLE, etc.)
  • Eye improvement, inhibit eye degenerative conditions, blindness prevention
  • Improve GERD, Peptic ulcer problem
  • Improve bowel movement, remedy for constipation



  • Take 1 300ml sachet per day during breakfast



  • 300ml per sachet, box of 10 sachets




“Th Balance Juice is made from 80% Mangosteen Aril and 20% Water"


What differentiates Th Balance Juice from other mangosteen juice?

  1. 35 Years of Scientific Research and Development.
  2. Patented technology in extracting the ingredients.
  3. Contains standardized quantities of all natural ingredients that inhibit the spread of cancer cells.




Th Balance Mangosteen Juice does not increase Th1 or Th17, but results in the dominance of Th1 over Th2. This condition is favorable for increasing the body’s immunity against pathogens. The Juice, however, increases T reg, which prevents Th17, stimulated by the Th17 Capsules, from increasing to a harmful level. As a result, cancer patients with autoimmune diseases can be assured that harmful conditions can be minimized.




The research work dates back to 1977 at the Prince of Songkla University. Our scientific team led by Professor Dr. Pichaet Wiriyachitra found that Th17 Regimen can activate the various groups of white blood cells against the growth of cancer cells.

Th17 Regimen has been used successfully on various types of cancer including lung, breast, prostate, lymphatic, leukemia, bone, tongue, nasopharyngeal, liver and colon cancers.






Shi Lim, Miss Singapore Universe 2013, on General Health & Beauty

The team I spoke with didn’t do any hard-selling and they were really patient explaining the benefits of the juice. I decided to try taking the juice for a short period as I wanted to see how my body will take to it. I was a little skeptical since there are so many health supplements in the market. After about 1 month, the one thing I noticed and, honestly, it was my friends who spotted it, they said how great my skin and complexion was. Throughout the entire time, I wasn’t taking anything else. It was just the Th Balance Juice and all I can say is that the juice works



Ms. Vijit Prajit – Stage 4 Cervical Cancer Spread to Lymph Nodes

In January 2001, despite 52 sessions of chemo and radiotherapy, her cervical cancer spread to her lymph nodes. Just after 8 months of taking the regimen, no cancer cells were found in her body. Today, she remains strong and healthy.






Ms. Pajong Boonnak – Stage 4 Lung Cancer

In 2011, she discovered she had Stage 4 lung cancer. She started chemotherapy with serious side effects and weight loss. With Th17 Regimen, she felt less exhausted, her appetite returned almost to normal and she no longer suffered from vomiting, dizziness and rash. Her body weight increased. By July 20l2, the result of her health check was better. Both her liver and kidney functions are now normal.




Ms. Praguay Oppachantho – Stage 4 Breast Cancer

In late 2009, I had breast cancer. After operation and chemotherapy, I suffered side effects including exhaustion, vomiting, dry skin, and my fingernails turned black. With Th17 Regimen, my condition improved. I experienced less fatigue and no more vomiting. My fingernails gradually turned yellow, and then pink. After 3 months, the size of the lymph nodes in my underarm region was back to normal. By April 2012, my white blood cell count returned to normal





Ms. Janjira Prankhet – Stage 4 Cervical, Lung and Lymph Node Cancers

I had cervical cancer in 2007. Treated by chemotherapy and radiotherapy, I stopped undergoing chemotherapy in December 2011 and subsequently suffered a relapse. The cancer had spread to my lungs and lymph nodes. The side effects from chemotherapy were severe. In June 2012, I started taking Th17 Regimen and regained my strength. My facial colour improved and with the continued use of Th17 Regimen, my overall condition is improving.



Ms. Rattanapom Sripen – Stage 3 Breast Cancer

I had Stage 3 breast cancer in December 2010 and underwent many rounds of chemotherapy. Six months after taking Th17 Regimen, I felt vast improvement in my sleep and energy level. The pain I felt in my knuckles subsided. My liver and kidney functions returned to normal. All follow-up tests for cancer showed improvement. I unreserve