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Psoriasis and Eczema


  • Effectively reduce excessive Th1 and Th2 which causes autoimmunity and particularly lower excessive Th17 which is the main cause of psoriasis
  • Balance immunity to solve problems with skin irritants
  • Contains active ingredients that counter irritants.
  • Nourishes and moisturizes skin to prevent it from peeling
  • All natural plant-based ingredients



  • For Capsules: Take 2 capsules, 2-3 times a day, 30 minutes to 1 hour before meals.
  • For Cream: Apply the cream on the targeted areas until the cream is completely absorbed, 2-3 times a day.



  • 60 Capsules per bottle




The Operation BIM research focuses on ways of balancing the immune system using products derived from natural plant extracts.

The team has developed synergistic substances derived from extracts of mangosteen, black sesame, soy, Centella asiatica and guava to create dietary supplement capsules which have been proven by Biomedical Technology Research Center to effectively reduce excessive Th1 and Th2 which causes autoimmunity particularly lowering excessive Th17 which is the main cause of psoriasis.

  • Noriasis capsules were developed help balance immunity to solve problems with skin irritants.

  • Noriasis cream contains active ingredients that are counter irritants, nourishes and moisturizes the skin to keep it from peeling.

Noriasis Set is recommended for people with psoriasis and eczema.



Ms. Supawadee Suriyakong – Genetic Abnormality

I started to have small red spots on my body and scabs on my scalp. Later, the little red spots became blisters all over my body, except for the ones on my face, which were itchy and painful. I went to see my doctor and took medicines as recommended for five years. The symptoms come and go; my doctor told me it was due to genetics, and that I cannot be completely cured. I did some research about possible cures on the internet and discovered BIM capsules. After taking the capsules, the rashes and itchiness subsided and my skin started to look better. However, the symptoms would still come back when I am weak or stressed out; I also made lifestyle changes to improve my physical and mental health. I use the Noriasis cream and take two BIM capsules per day.



Mr. Saengchai Kongim – Psoriasis

In 2005, I started to have rashes on my index finger and initially thought it was an allergic reaction to chemicals. After having a checkup, I was diagnosed with psoriasis. Later, it spread to the other fingers and palm. My skin started to get a bad texture and began to peel off. My hands became discolored which made me feel embarrassed. The symptoms also appeared on my toes. I followed the advice and medication from my doctor but nothing worked. I discovered BIM capsules on the internet in 2011 and after taking the capsules for 20 days, I was amazed. The rashes went away along with the itchiness. After 45 days, I had no more obvious symptoms of psoriasis. After five months, my skin was 90% better. Now, I no longer have psoriasis and feel very healthy. I continue to take two BIM capsules in the morning and two before bed time along with BIM Mangosteen Juice.



Ms.Sunanta Sitthiburi – Psoriasis

Initially, I had an allergic reaction to seafood which gave me rashes and spots on my arms and scalp. If I had fish several days in a row, I would have rashes all over my body and scabs would form on my skin. My doctor said that I had the first stages of psoriasis which could only be controlled and not be cured. Whenever I had allergy with something I ate, the psoriasis symptoms also show. Someone introduced me to try BIM capsules and advised me to take it along with my conventional medicine. I was skeptical at first but the rashes reduced so I took BIM capsules more seriously. After a while, I did not get any new rashes, only the faint traces of the previous ones could be visible on my skin.



Ms. Janpen Busapap – Stage 1 Psoriasis

I started having red spots on my arms and legs since I was a teenager. After scratching, the red spots would spread and turn into white scabs which looked awful. My doctor diagnosed me with psoriasis. After being treated by the doctor, it disappeared. However, in my early 20s, I started having the rashes and spots again, and when I perspired, the sweat on my scalp and skin felt itchy. I had to take immunosuppressive drugs with monthly appointments with my doctor. When the weather was cold, I had dry skin which felt sore and my spots increased and turned into red blisters. After a while, the blisters would burst and the skin would peel, leaving white scabs all over my body which left red scar marks. Sometimes, the scabs were so bad that they just fall off my skin. I was introduced to BIM capsules in 2013 and took it along with my regular medicines. After six weeks, I no longer felt itchy and the scabs and red scars began to improve. My skin condition was back to normal so I reduced my other medications. After four months, I stopped taking them altogether. During the last rainy season, I only had a couple of red spots on my arms, legs and back which did not look that bad. I continue to take BIM Mangosteen Juice and two BIM capsules per day.