LIV Capsule






Balancing Immunity in relation to

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)


  • Scientifically proven to increase CD4 count
  • Reduces side effects caused by antiretroviral drugs
  • Proven to lower the viral load



  • Take 2 capsules, 30 minutes before meal or bedtime, 2-3 times a day



  • 60 Capsules per bottle





“HIV depletes CD4 cells, mostly Th17. LIV capsule simply stimulates Th17.”

Prof. Dr. Pichaet Wiriyachitra Ph.D., F.R.A.C.I.


The LIV capsule is a natural food supplement formulated from GM-1 Polysaccharide Synergistic Complex of mangosteen extract powder and Centellaasiatica juice powder, and enhanced with SG-Protein Synergistic Complex of black sesame extract, guava fruit juice powder and isolated soy protein.

The type of CD4 cells that HIV destroys most are Th17 cells which are an essential part of the immune system.

Once a person is infected with HIV, the virus penetrates into their white blood cells known as CD4, which are responsible in boosting the immune system. The virus then destroys those CD4 cells and moves to destroy other CD4 cells. HIV hides in the white blood cells making it difficult to detect and kill.

As the immune system of HIV-infected persons weaken, they become prone to other opportunistic infections caused by bacteria, fungi and other viruses. Increasing Th17 cells can help control the spread of HIV. A study revealed that if the body has adequate Th17 cells, these Th17 cells will act like a vaccine for the body against HIV.

Research conducted on 27 HIV-infected volunteers by Prof. Dr. WatcharaKasinrerk (APCO Chair Professor) and NoppornPattanapornpun, MD (Director Of Mae-On Hospital in Chiang Mai), showed that the CD4 cell counts in HIV patients increased significantly after taking four(4) LIV capsules daily for 3-6 months. APCO has since donated a life-time supply of LIV capsules to the 27 HIV-infected volunteers who took part in this research study.


LIV: APCO’s solution for HIV patients

Background Information on HIV

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a lentivirus that causes HIV infection and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). AIDS is a condition in humans in which progressive failure of the immune system allows life-threatening opportunistic infections and cancers to thrive.

Once a patient is infected with HIV, The virus penetrates into specific white blood cells known as CD4 cells (T-cells), which are responsible in boosting the immune system. The virus then destroys those CD4 cells and hides in white blood cells, making it difficult to detect and kill.


Volunteers who took 4 LIV capsules per day for 15 days showed an increase in their Th1, Th9, and Th17.

It is known that Th1, Th9, and Th17 cells enhance the activity of natural killer cells and cytotoxic T cells, thus strengthening the immune system. A study on the effects of LIV capsules signified the potential of LIV capsules in helping control the HIV virus.


*A scientific study on the effects of LIV capsules done at the Biomedical Technology Research Centre


Benefits of Taking LIV Capsules

  1. LIV rapidly increases the patients’ CD4 count.
  2. LIV eliminates the HIV virus by increasing Th1, Th9 and Th17 activity.
  3. LIV remedies the opportunistic disease symptoms by boosting the patients’ immune systems.
  4. LIV reduces the side effects caused by antiretroviral drugs.
  5. LIV improves the quality of life of HIV affected persons, enabling them to live normal lives.


Options for HIV affected persons to increase their CD4 Count:

  • Taking Interleukin 2 injections to increase their lymphocytes and CD4 count. This drug is very costly, over 30 times the cost of LIV capsules and has many side effects.
  • Taking 6-9 LIV capsules a day similarly increases lymphocytes and CD4 count also improves overall health by balancing the immune system. 





Kornbanlop – HIV

I isolated myself for two years after I was diagnosed with HIV. My health deteriorated so badly, and my CD4 dropped to 150. Then I learned of BIM capsules. I’ve been taking nine BIM capsules per day for six months. The result was amazing – my CD4 rose to 320! My health has certainly improved and life seems normal again.


Kamonpoo – HIV

After taking six BIM capsules/day for two months, my CD4 went from 250 to 350. It’s unbelievable and I’m so glad I tried BIM capsules. Now I can sleep better and have more energy during the day.


Chonradee – HIV

My cousin who was suffering from severe FLU with dry cough took some medications for treatment, but there was no sufficient recovery from her illness. When I let her use the ARVs with six BIM capsules daily for two months, she felt a tremendous difference and positive effect in her state of well-being. She has now totally recovered from her illness. BIM has given her a chance to have a better quality of life.